[Grml] Installing X in Grml-Small0.4 HD install

- Tong - mlist4suntong at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 10 05:53:25 CEST 2007


I've done Grml-Small v0.4 HD install, and now I want to install X to it.
when I 'apt-get install grml-x', I was informed that 
'acpid grml-autoconfig grml-etc hwinfo libhal1 libhd13 rungetty' 
packages will be installed. 

The problem is the acpid:

 Setting up acpid (1.0.4-7.1) ...
 Loading ACPI modules....
 Starting Advanced Configuration and Power Interface daemon...acpid: invoke-rc.d: initscript acpid, action "start" failed.

As the consequence:

 dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of grml-autoconfig:
  grml-autoconfig depends on acpid | apmd; however:
   Package acpid is not configured yet.
   Package apmd is not installed.
 dpkg: error processing grml-autoconfig (--configure):
  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
 dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of grml-etc:
  grml-etc depends on grml-autoconfig; however:
   Package grml-autoconfig is not configured yet.
 dpkg: error processing grml-etc (--configure):
 dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of grml-x:
  grml-x depends on grml-etc (>= 0.5-20); however:
   Package grml-etc is not configured yet.
 Errors were encountered while processing:

Q1: How can I overcome the "acpid: invoke-rc.d: initscript acpid, action
"start" failed" problem?

I continued on ("grml-x -force -nostart fluxbox"), but startx failed with
font fixed not found. I used to solve such problem by installing
xfonts-75dpi, but noticed that there is no such xfonts-75dpi packages any
more. So,

Q2: How to solve the "font fixed not found" problem?


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