[Grml] mixing of distributions grml - unstable - testing - sarge for notebook

Erich Minderlein erminderlein at locoware.de
Fri Oct 27 13:03:23 CEST 2006

Hallo Liste

For the user applications I would like to use as much as possible 
stable applications, also for a low update rate. 
(gnome desktop, gdm, evolution...)
For the hardware I am forced to use up to date 
kernel drivers X server etc . 
I did not succeed up to now to resolve these dependencies.
So I cannot use the notebook. 
Do I need dbus ? 
it is broken when installing gnome desktop environment.  
I definitely need udev, but it is also broken. 
other dependencies may show up when continuing 

So I cannot use the notebook up to now for user work. 

how to proceed. 
best regards

Erich Minderlein <erminderlein at locoware.de>
MARC Mannheim Rail Commerce GmbH

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