[Grml] grml-tips sarge, addendum

Erich Minderlein erminderlein at locoware.de
Wed Nov 29 20:14:16 CET 2006


What remains on error

after doing 
mount -t proc none /proc
a number of errors have disapperead, 
(I did mount -t proc proc /proc)
such as tab completion, PATH, .

but what remains is the perl complaint: 
perl: warning: setting locale failed: 
falling back to default "C".

What i see in the aptitude display is the new kernel 2.6.18-grml, 
but I prefer due to the current impossibility of having more than three
partitions still to be capable of downloading the 2.6.17-grml.
(if my cdrom goes apart.)
>From this I know it works. 
Is that possible ?

Developpers need development, customers need stability.

Erich Minderlein <erminderlein at locoware.de>
MARC Mannheim Rail Commerce GmbH

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