[Grml] xsel: Doesn't work correctly in a UTF-8 environment

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu Nov 16 19:56:14 CET 2006

[Sorry for the delay, I sent a mail already yesterday but due to
problems with a blacklist my mails never reached the list, so
resending today.]

* T <mlist4suntong at yahoo.com> [20061115 18:08]:

> I notice an outstanding bugs for xsel -- Doesn't work correctly in a UTF-8
> environment. However, there is a patch for it:

> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=231413

> ,-----
> | This adds UTF8 support without breaking things. New command-line option
> | (-u|--utf8) switches between XA_STRING and UTF8_STRING selection
> | targets. When UTF8_STRING is not supported by X-server, xsel falls back to
> | 
> | Please note, this patch also fixes #203925 (manpage bug).
> `-----

Just because of interest: does the utf8 problem exist in wmiipsel,
wmiplumb or wmiiplumb (name of binary depends on the used wmii
version) as well? (Yes, I'm aware of the fact that xsel has more
features than wmiipsel - so depends on what you need of course.)

> mika, would you be so kind to build a new version with the patch, since it
> is already 2 years and 283 days old?

Not really. I'd like to see this fixed in either upstream itself or
at least the main Debian package. I don't want to differ to much
from plain Debian, grml shouldn't become Ubuntu.

To our offical Debian developers: what do you think of it? Increase
bug report severity level? Follow up and ask for inclusion?
Report to upstream (does not seem to have happend so far)?
Can anyone of you please take care of it?

> PS. for mlist, If you don't use/know xsel, I highly recommend it.

For work with X selections I like glipper. <rant>Very annoying, the
version that Debian/unstable hit in those days depends on gnome libs
now.</> I built a package without gnome dependencies so we can use
and ship glipper with plain grml as well:


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