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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Nov 14 09:08:55 CET 2006

* Christoph Hartung <derchristoph at arcor.de> [20061114 07:15]:
>  Michael Prokop schrieb:

> > [Notice for non-german readers: problems with mixer settings]
> > Use 'grml nosound' then.

>  Didn't see that, ist that documented somewhere? Didn't find it in the Wiki. 

http://www.grml.org/files/ =>

And the file is available on the grml-ISO as well:

>  The search function of grml.org is broken btw, so I couldn't search there...

Oh, thanks for reporting. Fixed.

>  What does the nosound option do? Lowering the soundlevels to 0 or is it really 
>  "no sound" and prevents grml from loading the sound modules? If the latter I'd 
>  find it a bit harsh workaround for the problem (ok, my wasn't better, I just 
>  plugged earphones into the laptop till I had lowered the level of the 
>  microphone ;) ).

No, it's:

| Mute sound devices (notice: this does not deactivate loading of sound drivers!)

as written in the cheatcodes files.

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