[Grml] Writing to Hard Drives from LiveCD

Juergen Fiedler juergen.fiedler at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 17:56:15 CET 2006

I have observed something odd: When I write data to a mounted hard drive
partition while running from the livecd, the amount of written data is
subtracted from the free RAM, i.e., if I do a

  dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/hda1/tmp/testfile bs=1M count=512

with /dev/hda1 mounted on /mnt/hda1, I am losing 512M of my RAM; deleting
the file frees up that RAM.
After rebooting, the file is still there, but doesn't take up any RAM

I think I may be missing something vitally important about how the unionfs
is set up. Can anybody please tell me how I can write files to an HD without
them taking up RAM, too?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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