[Grml] Is accessing striped "dynamic disks" from GRML possible?

Ulrich Dangel schula at grml.org
Thu Nov 2 22:33:21 CET 2006

* Michael Schierl wrote [02.11.06 22:14]:

Hi Michael,

i resend this to the list, because probably you get some cool and nice
suggestions for an console calculator :)

> <offtopic>
> Windows Internal, but it works...
> </offtopic>
Nice :-)

> > Try the link above and build it on you're own. 
> But: What calculator to use in grml for all that hex/decimal conversions
> (and multiplications and additions)?  

Try python. Just enter 0xfa or something and you get the corresponding
decimal value.

If you want the hex value of a decimal number, use hex($numer) and it

You can calculate with hex values in bc when you set the base. Just do
an ibase=16 and it should work.

> There is no orpie (great console RPN calculator) and GNU Calculator
> for Emacs is not there either. Okay, dc/bc is there, but I don't know
> (and could not figure out by grepping the man page) how they can
> handle hex numbers...

Hm, i just tried orpie and i think python is much nicer, especially if
you use ipython.

> libgcc and libstdc++ are too old when "dpkg -i"-ing it from the
> grml-0.8 CD. Thanks anyway.

Hm, i used grml 0.8.3 or something like that, and it worked out of the
box. I can rebuild it, if you really need it.
> Michael

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