[Grml] kernel panic and slow start up

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue May 9 08:47:15 CEST 2006

* Sean Kennedy <sean.worker at gmail.com> [20060509 04:15]:

>  I've installed grml on a usb hard drive, and had success (except for it
>  spending a lot - 10 minutes at least - of time "Loading kernel 2.6.16" if I
>  remember the message properly).

Yes, loading kernel usually takes some time when booting from USB
drive. But 10 minutes is definitely to long. :)

>  But after I did:
>  apt-get update
>  apt-get upgrade (which had some problems so I did apt-get -f install)

>  I get a kernel panic during start up, it tells me to set the proper root
>  when I start, or something like that.

>  I suppose the first thing is how to resolve the kernel panic (I'm pretty
>  sure that without doing a dist-upgrade my kernel shouldn't have been
>  touched).

Hm, strange. Did you modify something with your bootloader setup?
Please provide the relevant parts of your /etc/lilo.conf of the usb

What you could try anyway is booting your system from CD and
reinstall lilo on the USB drive. Does this fix your problem?

Please try to provide the exact error message you get. This would
help debugging a lot.(We need to know at least which root-device is
supposed to be used on your setup).

>  If I can get that resolved, I'd like to know why my computer can boot faster
>  from the CD than from the hard drive (it is a USB2 connection).

Loading kernel takes longer, that's normal. Afterwards it should
boot at least as fast a booting from CD. Seems like your chipset
isn't supported that well by the Linux kernel. Which usb drive
(chipset) are you using? What transfer rate do you usually have
using Linux? (Benchmark it for example with bonnie++)

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