[Grml] How to use Splashscreen grml Scripts

Keller Florian Florian.Keller at zuerich.ch
Fri May 5 12:54:08 CEST 2006


>Do you mean this kind of modules?

>So to get the idea: you want to have a single file which includes a
>specific software (let's say CitrixICA Client) and want to add this
>to a running grml system, right?

Yes thats one part that I miss :), but I dont care if the system state
is running or down. It would be nice if the grml main release is also 
in Package Formats (like slax) the Current release looks like that:

01_kernel.mo (compiled kernel)
02_core.mo (Main System/Config files)
03_xwindow.mo (Xorg 7)
09_slax.mo (Slax Stuff)
11_popcorn.mo (XFCE Window Manager)

Lets think about someone that didnt like XFCE remove easily the 11_popcorn.mo 
package and add 11_kde.mo package.

Or if someone code stuff or need dev package to compile something could also
temporary add the development_tools.mo package :).

I would love such features :).

>> Hm, I'm thinking about an ACII version of a bootscreen, maybe
>> there's a nice-looking way to do this via ASCII only. Hmmm... :)

I allready made such ASCII boot script (token from my slax-customized RAS CD). Im using it with
Framebuffer @ size 800x600 cause some PC cannot show higher FB resolutions. The bad thing is 
that I had to customize: etc/grml/lsb-functions, /lib/lsb/init-functions 

To Output text on another TTY and to write it to a logfile :). And also customized some startup scripts for changes in progress bar like
Splash Screen do. If you intrested how my customized grml look like I could post a little movie recorded in VMware. 

BTW: A dependecie in /etc/init.d/grml-autoconfig to the pumper debian package would be nice :). I asked myself yesterday why I had to 
start manual the dhcp client :) to get an IP address :). I found out that uninstall pumper package wasn't smart at all :)

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