[Grml] Grml philosophy

Martin Yazdzik yazdzik at nyct.net
Thu Jun 29 07:05:22 CEST 2006

> Unstable does
> not mean that the software has to be unstable but that the package
> pool is the unstable part of it. So the uncomfortable stuff is the
> package upgrades, not the software itself.

 Dear Friends,

I am repeating, re-iterating and re-quoting this because, for those who are 
new to either grml or using debian unstable, this needs to be the first 
sentence one reads.(Thals, M - I shall plagiarise often ;) )

It is hard to explain that the unstable repository is not an repository of 
unstable software, but an unstable repository of software where dependencies 
might or might not be met, and the normal debian stable guarantee of easy 
apt-get installation does not apply.

As to the relevance of this to grml, there is none, in se, as the same issues 
would apply to any pure debian installation where apt was used with unstable 

The main difference is that when we, whether programmer or newbie, ask for 
help on this list, the questions are both taken seriously and answered 
courteously.   We, the noobs, try in return not to bug the developers with 
issues unrelated to grml.

We do anyway, and are bloody grateful for the patience of Mika and the whole 


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