[Grml] Read-only root fs

T mlist4suntong at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 28 18:00:43 CEST 2006

Hi there.

My 4th post here. My questions are:

- 1st, does grml support read-only root fs? If not please put it into todo
list. Since it is a Live distro, supporting read-only root fs should be
trivial, but I need it badly. I have reiserfs for my root fs, but still
that can't sustain the frequent power failure that I'm having.  

- 2nd, an OT question. Does Debian or grml support some kind of integrity
test? My current situation is that after so many damn power failures, my
lovely Debian is in an unstable stage, commands that used to work are now
failing mystically. Re-install the packages that contain those tools won't
help. I'm now forced to do a reinstallation after having my
ever-upgrading-and-customizing Debian for so many years... 

I wish Debian or grml has the integrity testing capability that rpm has,
ie. to test whether the libs/executables that reside on the disk are still
the same as in the package. This might help for situations like what I'm
experiencing, or HD failure, and potential compromised systems... 


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