[Grml] grml or debian?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Jul 21 11:26:24 CEST 2006

* Frank <eggsperde at gmx.net> [20060721 11:09]:
> > Incoming from johannes swoboda:

> > Grml tries to mitigate Unstable's instability by testing upstream
> > stuff from Sid before allowing it into Grml.  This way, they hope for
> > the best of both worlds: relative stability as well as bleeding edge
> > software.

>  So which software repository is actually used?

You receive all Debian packages from the Debian-pool and all the
(exclusive) add-on packages from the grml-repository. (Remember: we
are therefore of course full binary compatible with Debian.)

>  I have a stock debian and added the GRML repo, to have a look
>  what?s in there. I found 29 packages and wondering now, which
>  part of debian you are using.

mika at vrs ~W/grml $ ls -1 repos/*.deb | sed 's/_.*//' | sort -u | wc -l


> Is this just added to make the "pure" debian unstable a bit more
> convenient and userfriendly?

Hm yes, kind of. :) I'm running daily updates and report bugs to the
Debian BTS if I notice any problems. I try to keep
http://wiki.grml.org/doku.php?id=upgrading up2date and if I notice a
severe problem in Debian I try to fix it with providing the
appropriate package via the grml-repos - which has a high priority
in grml's apt-pinning setup (for example remember the file-rc bug

> > It's not perfect; nothing is.  It's more perfect than stock Debian
> > Sid, and way more up to date than Debian Stable.

>  Is it possible to set up grml with "testing"? Thats what i have right now, but 
>  i dont like the debian installer, and i dont want to download all the KDE-libs 
>  when choosing "desktop-install" and so on (when doin a new install on another 
>  machine). You know the hassles of the Installer :-)

I don't use such a setup on my own but I do know that there are
users out there running grml successfully with setting sources.list
to Debian/testing.

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