[Grml] grml or debian?

Frank eggsperde at gmx.net
Fri Jul 21 11:03:31 CEST 2006

> Incoming from johannes swoboda:
>> Hello!
>> I'm actually using grml with harddisk-installation.I've also installed
>> some debian packages.
>> My question: What are the main goals or the differents between grml
>> and a "normal" debian installation?
> Grml tries to mitigate Unstable's instability by testing upstream
> stuff from Sid before allowing it into Grml.  This way, they hope for
> the best of both worlds: relative stability as well as bleeding edge
> software.
So which software repository is actually used? I have a stock debian and 
added the GRML repo, to have a look what´s in there. I found 29 packages 
and wondering now, which part of debian you are using. Is this just 
added to make the "pure" debian unstable a bit more convenient and 
> It's not perfect; nothing is.  It's more perfect than stock Debian
> Sid, and way more up to date than Debian Stable.
Is it possible to set up grml with "testing"? Thats what i have right 
now, but i dont like the debian installer, and i dont want to download 
all the KDE-libs when choosing "desktop-install" and so on (when doin a 
new install on another machine). You know the hassles of the Installer :-)

Thanks in advance,

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