[Grml] ReadOnly Filesystem after upgrade

Werner Schuster (murphee) werner.schuster at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 13:27:47 CEST 2006

Michael Prokop wrote:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=376366
> Boot grml from live-cd and run 'dpkg --list file-rc' on your
> harddisk system (chroot into it). If it returns 0.8.8 please run
> wget http://grml.org/repos/file-rc_0.8.7_all.deb
> dpkg -i file-rc_0.8.7_all.deb
> and reboot your system - this should fix the problem (if it is
> related to the file-rc bug in the Debian package). 
That solved the problem; Thanks for the quick reply/solution!


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