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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sat Jan 21 23:01:22 CET 2006

* chw at macmail.com <chw at macmail.com> [20060121 22:33]:

> hallo - sorry i mean the framebuffer-mode on the console -after
> boot i see: you passed an undefined mode number - press return to
> see........i try all available video modes and try the scan- but i
> cannot reach the "ideal" mode which autodetected in grml 0.5.

Interesting. We decided to switch from vesafb-tng back to "normal"
vesafb, as vesafb-tng caused too many problems for our taste.

Does booting via 'nofb' (just enter this at the bootprompt) work for
you? What does 'fbset -i' say on grml 0.5?

> hwinfo --netcard show me my mistake -driver status :orinoco_cs is
> not active -driver activation cmd :modprobe orinoco_cs - i always
> think your kernel-configuration do the hole work for me.

Ah, exactly what I expected. :)

Some orinoco/pcmcia-based WLAN cards aren't loaded by default, yes.
We will extend udev (which does the autoloading basically) as soon
as we have enough feedback about grml 0.6.

> -thanks for your great work

You are welcome. :)

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