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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Jan 9 00:00:13 CET 2006

* Mario Lang <mlang at debian.org> [20060108 23:57]:
> Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> writes:
> > * Scott Berry <electronicman1961 at myfreedombox.com> [20060108 14:38]:

> >>  Got a good one for ya.  I am trying to get Grml coming up with braille. The 
> >>  line I type in is this "grml brltty=fs,usb:,nabcc" and the only thing I 
> >>  recieve is the fact that the Braille display is a 20 c cell display.  It is 
> >>  the Fs Pacmate display I am wanting to use.  As you can tell it is Usb.  Any 
> >>  help would be greatfully appreciated.  Also this is going on a Toshiba laptop.

> > Which version? grml 0.5?
> > Mario, do you have any hints?

> Is grml still using the plain Debian package (3.4.1)?

Yes, 3.4.1-4.

> If so, its basically my fault since brltty-3.4.1 is too old for
> what the user tries to do.  A upload of brltty-3.7.2 is in the
> works, but currently blocked by some bugs.

Ok, thanks Mario. Please let me know when you have a .deb so I can
get it into grml 0.6.

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