[Grml] Re: grml-x glitches

Mark or2uvma02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Feb 8 05:07:22 CET 2006

Well, GRML should not present logical inconsistencies.  No matter which
way you run grml-x, it gives error messages.  So there is something
wrong with the assumptions.  There should be some way to "run it right."

If the script is meant to run as user, it should prompt for root p/w, so
it can use binaries that need root access.  If the script is meant to
run as root, then it should not give error messages about running as

grml2hd is not in question at all...really a separate topic...yes it can
make an x.conf too, but not for nVidia cards.  A person must run grml-x
separately and call out "-module nVidia" because GRML refuses to
autodetect nVidia cards even when nVidia drivers are already installed.

Thanks mika,

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