[Grml] Re: nVidia in a boot anywhere system

Mark or2uvma02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Feb 1 21:38:11 CET 2006

> No OS boots "any" PC ;-)

Of course, that's why I used "quotes."  Anyway, it should boot machines
that have nVidia and machines that don't.

> > List exact steps to get nVidia support.  
> Yes, Sir!
> Some kind of politeness would increase our motivation significantly, at
> least mine.

I was not impolite; you read too much between the lines.  Please, I am
sincerely asking for help.  I love GRML and want to "do it right" so I
don't create a mess out of (my own) ignorance -- and then have to bother
GRML with senseless questions.  That is why I ask for exact steps.

nVidia support has been a troublesome Linux issue for a long time.  I am
not an expert, but I know that much about nVidia, which is why I ask
exactly how to do it in GRML before changing the user machines.  (They
complain a lot when things are not right, and I look bad, and GRML looks
bad to them.)

There is not a lot of traffic on the GRML mailing list.  Also, I do not
bother you with "how do I install GNOME?" and such questions.  I focus
on hardware/driver issues.  I do not feel bad asking about those, even
if the answer is "obvious" to you.

> Just give it a try. BTW: It's not a kernel replacement, just a kernel
> module.

There is a 1.4M file in GRML repository called

The file does not say "module" anywhere, so the name confused me.  It
looks (to me) like a full kernel replacement.  Not saying it's wrong,
just explaining how I got that impression.

Thank you for the outstanding work on GRML 0.6 everyone.


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