[Grml] nVidia in a boot anywhere system

Andreas Gredler jimmy at grml.org
Wed Feb 1 13:07:42 CET 2006

On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 11:13:16PM -0700, Mark wrote:
> GRML 0.6-1 and GNOME 2.12 on a portable USB drive.  It must boot "any"
> PC.

No OS boots "any" PC ;-)

> About installing nVidia.  Is it dangerous for this user scenario?  Will
> such a system ONLY boot machines that have nVidia cards, or "any" PC?

No, it's only a kernel module that is loaded on demand. And the xserver
knows which module to load, too.

> List exact steps to get nVidia support.  

Yes, Sir!

Some kind of politeness would increase our motivation significantly, at
least mine.

> GRML repository has nVidia
> stuff but kernel replacement has me worried.  Better safe than
> sorry...so I ask questions.

Just give it a try. BTW: It's not a kernel replacement, just a kernel

greets Jimmy

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