[Grml] Re: USB boot success: grml-big-0.5 + grml2hd-0.5.5

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu Nov 24 00:41:42 CET 2005

* Mark <or2uvma02 at sneakemail.com> [20051124 00:09]:

> > Maybe my explanation helps. Think about it. There's no other way to
> > install a system with a live-cd. Unless you want to download all
> > packages from the net again.

> > greets Jimmy

> It's fairly simple.  You boot the live CD.  It has services you don't
> want on installed to the USB drive.  So, the installer script, prior to
> copy-all, just invokes the CD's own package manager and un-installs the
> unwanted packages from the running CD system.  Then it performs the
> copy-all to hard disk.

No, bad idea. Let's say you want to install grml again (on another
disk/device) but don't want to remove for example apache this time.
Won't work if it's already deleted in the running system itself. The
only chance to restore the original state is to reboot. :-/

If you think you don't need the packages "foo, bar, blubs, blah"
then just run 'apt-get remove foo bar blubs blah' - but it's on your
own risk. Running it in the harddisk system is more safe.

Modifying the live-iso needs more "power" than accessing files in
the chroot installed on harddisk. Removing files on a (basically)
read-only medium where a overlay system manages read-write-tasks
requires ressources.

> Nothing extra to download, nothing extra to delete from the hard drive.
> All done with package management. Faster execution time and no bad
> error/warning messages.

The "bad error/warning messages" derives from debian package
management and not from grml2hd! It does not matter whether you run
this *before* starting grml2hd, *within* grml2hd or afterwards.

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