[Grml] grml 0.5 and WPA

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Dec 19 03:31:13 CET 2005

* Oliver Vecernik <ml at vecernik.at> [20051219 00:15]:
> Michael Prokop schrieb:

> > After booting your system without touching grml-network:
> > Does 'Restart networking' (run as root) work for you?
> > Or booting with additional bootoption "services=networking"?

> `Restart networking' works, `services=networking' does not. Actually my
> idea was to `mkpersistenthome' for user grml with `config.tbz' with
> option `-etc'. Then it would be possible to boot from cdrom and an usb
> stick "to give back life to my laptop". But this is only an intermediate
> step towards replacing the old OS later.

Hm ok, so it seems you just don't want to type anything after
booting the system, right? I'll take a look at it how this task
could be accomplished.

> > I'll take a closer look at it in the next few days, maybe I can find
> > some more details.

> Thank you. I'll be patient. There are plenty of other things to get to
> know meanwhile. ;-)

Hehe :)

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