[Grml] grml cdrom script to import Debian network configuration

Marc Haber mh+grml at zugschlus.de
Sat Dec 17 15:32:50 CET 2005

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 03:20:33PM +0100, Michael Prokop wrote:
> * Marc Haber <mh+grml at zugschlus.de> [20051216 21:15]:
> > One issue that I find especiall annoying is the fact that grml starts
> > a pump process which is still around when our script runs, and will
> > take down the freshly configured interface after timing out. pump -k
> > will also wait for that timeout, and thus impose a delay in system boot.
> Just use the bootoption 'nodhcp' to disable startup of pump.

That would mean that the grml system wouldn't try to obtain an IP
address from DHCP in the case that it doesn't find a Debian
installation to steal the network config from.

This script also fails if the Debian installation needs special
programs to get its connectivity up and if these programs are not
available on grml. I didn't even try it yet on a system using my own
network init scripts.

> I'm even thinking about integrating your code into grml-autoconfig,
> so you can use it with a new bootoption on every grml version.

You're welcome to do this. Which license do you want it to have? GPL
v2 or later?


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