[Grml] grml cdrom script to import Debian network configuration

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sat Dec 17 15:20:33 CET 2005

* Marc Haber <mh+grml at zugschlus.de> [20051216 21:15]:

> today, I have written a /cdrom/scripts script which imports the
> network configuration from an installed Debian system. That way, it
> becomes possible to have _one_ grml medium around which could then in
> turn be used as a rescue system for _all_ Debian systems at the place
> for remote rescue, as long as the root filesystem is still reachable.

> The script searches all found hard disk partitions and LVM devices for
> a mounteable filesystem containing a file /etc/network/interfaces and
> then proceeds to copy /etc/network from that filesystem into the grml
> system before restarting the network devices. That way, the grml
> system comes up with a network configuration that is likely to work.


> The script doesn't integrate nicely into grml, it is written in bash,
> not in zsh, and doesn't use the fancy colorful output of the normal
> grml init procedure. Maybe one of the grml makers can adapt it to
> integrate more nicely and then publish it as an example on the grml
> wiki.

Sure, I'll adopt it for zsh and integrate the colorful output. :)

> One issue that I find especiall annoying is the fact that grml starts
> a pump process which is still around when our script runs, and will
> take down the freshly configured interface after timing out. pump -k
> will also wait for that timeout, and thus impose a delay in system boot.

Just use the bootoption 'nodhcp' to disable startup of pump.

I'm even thinking about integrating your code into grml-autoconfig,
so you can use it with a new bootoption on every grml version.
I've to take a closer look at the code, but I'll ping you via #grml
anyway. ;)

Thanks, Marc!

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