[Grml] Virus scanner

Mark or2uvma02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Dec 13 01:11:32 CET 2005

Great.  One detail.

You don't want infected machines on a LAN.  So it's safest to physically
pull the Ethernet cable out.

This precaution, however, prevents virus definition updates over the
net.  Booting Linux (GRML) lowers the threat from Windows viruses to
almost nothing, but in a corporate setting, the bosses don't believe
something like that.  They want to know, "Did you or did you not detach
the Ethernet cable, yes or no, according to our written policy for
suspicious machines."

Yeah, I know, it's silly.  But these kinds of policies do exist.

In that situation it's nice to have an alternative way to get updated
virus defs.  I can use, for example, a CD-RW, or floppies, or Zip, or
USB hard drive, etc.  I'll have to check how to do that with Clam.  I
hope GRML can somehow retain them in RAM.


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