[Grml] changing grml 0.4 kernel

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Wed Aug 24 10:55:15 CEST 2005

* Jim Danley <Jim at DanleyCreations.com> [20050821 00:15]:

> I recently discovered GRML and have been playing with it now for a
> couple of days.  You guys have done one hell of a job!

Hehe, thanks. :)

> # CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS is not set

> I have an app that I would like to include on the CD which
> requires a kernel with legacy pty's, yet the kernel on 0.4 has
> this turned off.  Can you tell me the steps I need to take in
> order to replace the kernel with one that includes legacy pty's?

Well, changing the kernel would require a complete rebuild of the
ISO - you would have to remaster it therefor. And of course you
would have to use a patched kernel and rebuild unionfs-stuff and so
on... :-/

Which app is this you are talking about? Maybe I can find a
workaround for you or will even re-enable CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS again
(if there aren't any sideeffects of course).

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