[Grml-devel] Minutes from the Grml developer meeting, October 2011

Ulrich Dangel uli at spamt.net
Tue Oct 18 11:47:43 CEST 2011

* Richard Hartmann wrote [14.10.11 14:52]:
> >  * https://github.com/grml/grml-constitution/blob/master/Constitution.md
> Teams can grant commit access to their repos, but according to this,
> they can not actually make someone a _member_ of the team. Although
> the implied meaning is clear, if you do write a constitution, it would
> be better to do it 100% self-consistently.
Good catch. But the document also does not specify what a team is an
what the rights of team members are. I don't think it is really
necessary to specify that a team can make someone a member of the

> As I understand things, a dev who disappears for a year will get
> demoted to contributor and then removed from contributors immediately.
> Fringe case, but I just wanted to make sure I understand this
> correctly.
IMHO no as the timer only starts after you change roles. That means if
you get demoted to contributor you will stay contributor at least for
one additional year.

I think we definetly need a better description as your interpretation is also


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