[issue1004] SW: include bootinfoscript

Christian Hofstaedtler bts at bts.grml.org
Fri Dec 23 01:00:54 CET 2011

Christian Hofstaedtler <ch at grml.org> added the comment:

We believe that your issue has been closed by the upload of
Version 0.17.1 of grml-live from Christian Hofstaedtler <ch at grml.org>.
The explanation is attached below

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 00:35:57 +0100
Source: grml-live
Binary: grml-live grml-live-db
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.17.1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org>
Changed-By: Christian Hofstaedtler <ch at grml.org>
 grml-live  - build system for creating a Grml (based) Linux live system
 grml-live-db - log package build information of grml-live to database
 grml-live (0.17.1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * [dfe1f07] grml-cheatcodes.txt: document vnc bootoptions
   * [88cfc40] grml-cheatcodes.txt: fix typo
   * [94cfb7b] generate sha1 checksum file of netboot package
   * [5bfdcec] Update docs to better match recent development
   * [8441a6a] GRMLBASE/44-grub: make sure directory /boot/grub exists.
     Thanks to Thomas Koehler for the bugreport
   [ Ulrich Dangel ]
   * [9b24866] grml-cheatcodes.txt: Add documentation about nostats bootoption
   * [b8db7a0] Add graphicoreBitmapFont0-Light.otf to grml-live.
   * [ccdff8a] Replace old desktop.jpg with new desktop-bg.png
   * [7c309e0] Update /etc/grml_version in GRMLBASE script instead of grml-live
   * [79a1183] Update wallpaper in fai scripts
   * [86f084d] Recommend imagemagick
   * [445e589] Remove the default quiet boot parameter for a verbose bootup.
   * [819fc49] Umount /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc before umounting /proc.
   * [8dbae90] Add additional resolution (1600x900) to grub.cfg.
   * [51e56e2] Replace 1440x1050 with 1400x1050
   * [d5596b5] Use gfxmode=auto instead of specifying manually resolutions
   * [6d72f5e] Support template filenames in grml-live.
   * [a9f099a] Introduce new config files for grub bootloader.
   * [d501c11] Add basic grml theme to grub
   * [9512656] Play sound after the grub menu is shown.
   * [1c3ff78] Try to load regexp in grub.cfg
   * [e138162] Ensure that the file used for replacing the template parameters is a file.
   * [9b2a50c] Print a message before loading kernel or initrd in grub
   * [f61863d] Add trailing whitespace to grub commandline
   * [6da554d] Add beep to templates/boot/isolinux/vesamenu.cfg
   * [b18889f] Build grub.img for loading grub from within syslinux
   [ Christian Hofstaedtler ]
   * [3f2b59d] Stop disabling KMS for radeon
   * [b89381a] Modernize Windows AutoRun templates
   * [f009115] Simplify GRML/index.html template
   * [ea794c5] Match startpage.html design to grml.org site
   * [9213b27] Tighten replacement operation for SNAPSHOT class
   * [f6e33fb] Ensure all passed paths are absolute
   * [a49d935] Internally, rename GRML_LIVE_LOCAL_CONFIG to LOCAL_CONFIG
   * [c2fac3a] Don't source grml-live.{conf,local} in scripts if not required
   * [436d892] Use premade LOGDIR var
   * [352c822] Make username replacement in inittab more robust
   * [ef51d0c] Expose (selected) config vars to fai scripts
   * [0a40a21] Make sure USERNAME doesn't leak in from ENV
   * [6e77809] Merge initramfs scripts
   * [a4703ee] Fix capitalization of project name in GRML/index.html
   * [b499e10] Update welcome splash ascii art
   * [0b584ff] Remove 'failsafe' boot option, which wasn't really failsafe
   * [24e7e2c] Remove comment about failsafe boot option
   * [39edd53] Enable fb for "graphical mode" boot option in isolinux
   * [fad3fb7] Remove grml-live-buildd package
   * [11baa33] Add -e option to unpack ISOs
   * [3abf943] Remove -T option
   * [4161d3c] Change -A option to not build chroot.tar.gz anymore
   * [ffc122b] Update version in grml-live during Debian package build
   * [62a1ab3] Don't suggest /dev/shm as a build location
   * [796f001] Make it clear that squashfs-tools from bpo is fine
   * [07dc676] Shorten, but don't totally rename kernel and initrd files
   * [8966263] Install netboot.cfg as pxelinux.cfg/default _file_
   * [4efbf69] Use sane paths for intermediate EFI files
   * [1684dab] Move squashfs into flavour-specific path
   * [ff80c12] Install "GRML" files into GRML/$GRML_NAME/
   * [8b88fe0] Revert accidental addition of fat to grub2 core.img
   * [f925961] Trim spaces off of default DISTRI_INFO
   * [b81f460] Remove unused grub background image
   * [ec0c871] Optimized all PNGs with "optipng"
   * [6673903] Rework EFI file copy/moving
   Software Changes:
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * [4f44cb4] SW: add rinse to GRML_FULL
   * [fd94537] SW: replace iscsitarget with open-iscsi + targetcli in GRML_FULL
   * [5f895b3] SW: add python-urwid as depends next to targetcli in GRML_FULL
   * [e754942] SW: replace version specific linux-image-* packages in GRML_FULL with meta package.
     Thanks to Christian Hofstaedtler <ch at grml.org> for his kernel packaging work
   [ Ulrich Dangel ]
   * [30c312b] SW: Add extundelete to GRML_FULL
   [ Christian Hofstaedtler ]
   * [985f29c] SW: add boot-info-script to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1004]
   * [eafbf7e] SW: add vblade, aoetools to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1092]
   * [4c6a7a9] SW: add firmware-linux-{free,nonfree} to GRML_FULL
   * [7765407] SW: remove explicit install of squashfs-lzma-tools
 3cde62bc295aad78e36a168c2a6850e36be7ae43 995 grml-live_0.17.1.dsc
 14b33e86ed6f6cb6a054e0003a3948d519cdaf92 516177 grml-live_0.17.1.tar.gz
 58b434984f8565540f70d32f399220c684bdf7da 541586 grml-live_0.17.1_all.deb
 3584f59969b7d5b08c48f6b6578b395badb99dd4 61814 grml-live-db_0.17.1_all.deb
 16d508b699ef21bda271c3b12a583f781d28c2903ffa57d6fad4378515c9a36b 995 grml-live_0.17.1.dsc
 a7fe0b67b5290343cfd7fb5e419874bdf2d22ad485f5dda1527acbf7170cbd3a 516177 grml-live_0.17.1.tar.gz
 a66234a08119208b921047224a244824a26747c1cb25e402b6e112ea20a52428 541586 grml-live_0.17.1_all.deb
 68a3df21d74aab43f200cadff1d151253cb0243c464efb62c75a4326ff2bc5ab 61814 grml-live-db_0.17.1_all.deb
 d278104fa8a025e1d84dbaa9493c712c 995 grml extra grml-live_0.17.1.dsc
 a4ea4ae0f9c59aec4a73758590357987 516177 grml extra grml-live_0.17.1.tar.gz
 a5cf23ed70a261e8957705b4b4500f50 541586 grml extra grml-live_0.17.1_all.deb
 0ca2d864db883f572a433dcadaeb3971 61814 grml extra grml-live-db_0.17.1_all.deb

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