[issue1104] grml_2011.12-rc1 errors on grml2usb boot

Charles A. Hewson bts at bts.grml.org
Wed Dec 21 23:16:30 CET 2011

Charles A. Hewson <cahewson at eskimo.com> added the comment:

Hi all,

I can work around by using boot floppy created from PLPBT-5.0.13.zip. It 
doesn't explain difference booting from 2011.05 medium to rc1. But, I 
can live with it on these few old machines.  


files: RESULTS.txt, grml-hwinfo-2011-12-16--19-38-14-CET.tar.bz2
messages: 4136, 4138, 4140, 4142, 4143, 4154
nosy: cahewson
priority: bug
status: need-eg
title: grml_2011.12-rc1 errors on grml2usb boot

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