[Grml] fstab-entry change

Hans Schneidhofer mei-mail at posteo.de
Fri Aug 11 20:08:17 CEST 2023

on a PC with Debian 11 installed, an SSD can neither be read nor

I have now restarted the PC with a grml.
How can I change the entry in /etc/fstab on this PC with the help of
grml so that this defective SSD is not taken into account when

Unfortunately, I can't quite get along with the new grml. I used to be
able to log in with a password and mount the file system of the PC
system with root rights, e.g. on /mnt /computername/ and then edit

How can I do this with the new version grml-64-full 2022 ?

Any help ist welcome

bye hans

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