[Grml] Fwd: Hard drive partitions not seen

david.renstrom at gmail.com david.renstrom at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 17:59:15 CET 2020


I've tried all your suggestions now and this is what I've found:

- No NVMe devices.
- lsblk -a and fdisk -l don't show any other disks than the USB memory containing the live distribution.
- dmesg | grep sdb doesn't show any devices being mounted.
- Yes, Windows 10 boots up fine on the SSD drive.
- No disks have been hidden in the BIOS settings. It's now booting using UEFI mode.

What else can I try? 

/David R.

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On Tuesday, 2020-11-10 at 09:11:27 +0100, david.renstrom at gmail.com wrote:

> Thanks for the tips. I'll try them tonight.

If you are using an NVMe SSD drive, you will find /dev/nvme* devices (sorry, I don't have a Linux machine handy with NVMe, my memory may be off).

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