[Grml] Mirror in Ukraine

mirror-admin of ip-connect.vn.ua mirrors at ip-connect.vn.ua
Wed Jan 2 08:59:13 CET 2019


We provide mirror of download.grml.org in Ukraine for long time.

Please, include our mirror into global mirroring program.

Information about mirror:
Access via:
https://grml.ip-connect.vn.ua/  <-- preferred
ftp://grml.ip-connect.vn.ua/mirror/grml/ <-- supported, but deprecated

Rsync'ing 4/day.

This mirror node have IPv4+IPv6 connection 3x1Gb/s bandwidth unlimited.

Provider: IP-Connect LLC, Ukraine, Vinnytsia

Best regards,
mirrors admin of ip-connect.vn.ua mailto:mirrors at ip-connect.vn.ua

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