[Grml] GRML customization issues

Torsten Kühn tekuehn at web.de
Fri Mar 23 01:55:54 CET 2018

Obrigado Paulista!

Sorry for my late reply, Gilberto (to your two mails from Mon,
Feb 12, 2018 16:49, and Mon, Feb 12, 2018 16:53), I retrieved
them from the mailing list archive only now.

@ 2.)
>> How to disable the Debian automounter for removable media?
>on /etc/fstab

I always thought that /etc/fstab covers the file systems to be
mounted at boot time only ... The third <fs_vfstype> field isn't
completely documented in the fstab(5) manpage (i.e. regarding the
"auto" type), but refers to mount(8).

An excerpt from GRML 2013.02 /etc/fstab, which probably configures
the automount behaviour (?):
/dev/fd0       /media/floppy    auto  user,noauto,exec                      0 0
/dev/external  /media/external  auto  user,noauto,exec,rw,uid=grml,gid=grml 0 0
/dev/external1 /media/external1 auto  user,noauto,exec,rw,uid=grml,gid=grml 0 0
/dev/cdrom     /media/cdrom     auto  user,noauto,exec,ro                   0 0
/dev/dvd       /media/dvd       auto  user,noauto,exec,ro                   0 0

Will a removal of these lines switch to (preferred) manual mounts?

@ 4.)
>> Fluxbox and LXDE with english keyboard layout by default
>> [how to set] "setxkbmap -layout <lang>" [...] persistently?

>i use grml 17.05 and on grml.conf file used on boot
>i explicity use
>  xkeyboard=br keyboard=br locale=America/Sao_Paulo

I didn't find any grml.conf in GRML 2013.02, nor in a GRML 2017.05
live boot image (I prefer the first, just don't like systemd config).
Is the grml.conf file optional, and to be placed where, in the /etc
or in the user ~/ directory?

Saudações de Basiléia

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