[Grml] GRML customization issues

Torsten Kühn tekuehn at web.de
Fri Feb 9 20:02:32 CET 2018

Hi all,

GRML works fine on a small Intel D525 CPU box with NVidia GT-218
graphics, much more stable than the nouveaufb driver in some Ubuntu
versions. I'm using an older GRML 2013.02 release, just don't feel
like backing up all data and to re-run grml-to-harddisk again.

Some questions on system customization:

1.) The pre-configured zsh shell immediately shares entered commands
and it's history among all open instances. I use to reserve dedicated
terminals to particular commands. For example, man pages are always
opened on tty5. Instead of retrieving the last or last but one "man"
command from the history, zsh shows all commands from other ttys first.
No real feature. How to configure a more bashish behaviour?
BTW, is there any relationship between this zsh (developed since 1992
by Paul Falstad and others) and the zsh shell in NextStep?

2.) How to disable the awesome Debian automounter for removable media?
It keeps from mounting USB sticks or optical media to individual mount
points, but requires to manually unmount automatic /media/xxx mount
points first ...

3.) Which is the most elegant, i.e. recommended way to start the X
server upon GRML boot? As "init 3" doesn't work, I currently need to
manually execute "/usr/bin/startx /usr/bin/startlxde &" from a tty.
Where to place this string, into which startup script?

4.) Both Fluxbox and LXDE start with english keyboard layout by default.
I gladly discovered the "setxkbmap -layout <lang>" command. Can anyone
tell me whether this setting is saved persistently, i.e. still active
after reboot? (Won't restart for testing, GRML box 32 days uptime now.)


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