[Grml] Grml - new stable release 2018.12 available

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Dec 31 11:40:29 CET 2018


we said we'll release by the end of December, and here we are!
The stable release of Grml version 2018.12 with codename
'Gnackwatschn' is available and already hit our mirrors.

More information about this release is available in the
release notes of Grml 2018.12:


Grab the latest Grml ISO(s) and spread the word:


If you should notice any bugs please let us know:


We welcome constructive feedback, suggestions for improvement and
your contributions, please just reach out to us:


Thanks to everyone contributing to Grml and this release!
Happy new year and happy Grml-ing!

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