[Grml] Cannot build grml from within grml

Marc Haber mh+grml at zugschlus.de
Thu Sep 14 09:41:55 CEST 2017

I retried with grml-live 0.29.7 as it is on 2017.05 proper.

On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 01:55:43PM +0200, Marc Haber wrote:
> [ WARN ] Skipping stage 'fai dirinstall' as /root/output/grml_chroot exists already.

This warning is also present in the output of 0.29.7, but...

> [  OK  ] No missing packages found, generating empty junit report.
> [  OK  ] Generating /conf/bootid.txt with entry grml001.
> [ FAIL ] Can not access GRUB efi image /root/output/grml_chroot//boot/bootx64.efi, required for Secure Boot support

... this FAIL does not happen with 0.29.7. 0.29.7 fails significantly
later than 0.31.

> [ WARN ] Possible reason is failure to run /etc/grml/fai/config/scripts/GRMLBASE/45-grub-images

The file is actually there. I added code to have it touch a marker file,
and that file doesn't appear, so I guess the error is that
45-grub-images is never executed.

Is far executed in the first place when I use grml-live -e /dev/cdrom -o
output/ to remaster?

Would grml-live 0.31 be able to remaster a disc that was made with an
older version of grml-live? Which grml-live version was 2017.05 mastered


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