[Grml] Cannot build grml from within grml

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Wed Sep 6 09:04:45 CEST 2017

* Marc Haber [Mon Sep 04, 2017 at 12:15:24PM +0200]:

> here is my "real" problem.

> (1) Using Debian sid, try building grml64-full using the command line:

> sudo grml-live -A -V -u -e ~/grml-remaster/grml64-full_2017.05.iso -s
> "test20170830" -g grml64 -o ~/grml-remaster/tmp

> This results in tmp/grml_isos/grml64_0.0.1.iso being generated.


> (2)
> dd this iso to a LV. Configure a new VM with a CDROM drive and connect
> this drive to the LV containing the ISO. Boot.

> Boot works.


> (3)
> Try to re-build the grml .iso from within grml using:
> grml-live -V -e /dev/cdrom -o output/

> this emits warnings during the build process about missing EFI files,
> ending in "xorriso : FAILURE : Cannot find path '/boot/efi.img' in
> loaded ISO image" (full log in exhibit A).

Here you're using grml-live v0.30.1

> (4)
> configure the same VM to boot from a released grml64-full.2017.05 iso

> (5)
> try rebuilding the grml.iso file with the same command line:
> grml-live -V -e /dev/cdrom -o output/

> (6)
> see the build succeed (exhibit B).

Here you're using grml-live v0.29.7

> What am I doing wrong when building grml64_0.0.1.iso so that it cannot
> self-reproduce, while the released grml64-full.2017.05.iso can? Any hints?

You are using different grml-live versions. Between grml-live
v0.29.7 and v0.30.1 the EFI support for 32bit systems was added as
well as switching from isohybrid to xorriso/isohybrid combination.
The /boot/efi.img handling is quite tricky overall since it's being
generated within a chroot script. This is something I've completely
reworked in recent grml-live git for supporting Secure Boot, so the
issue you saw with v0.30.1 *might*[1] be fixed already with latest
grml-live from git.

So if you want just try the latest grml-live version from git,
either with the package from https://jenkins.grml.org/job/grml-live-binaries/
or straight out of git:

  export SCRIPTS_DIRECTORY=$(pwd)/scripts
  export GRML_FAI_CONFIG=$(pwd)/etc/grml/fai
  export LIVE_CONF=$(pwd)/etc/grml/grml-live.conf
  ./grml-live  ...

[1] "might" because I've not tested your use case and I'm not 100%
sure the files required by xorriso/isohybrid are really there as

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