[Grml] How do I find out which FAI classes were used to build a

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu Aug 31 21:16:38 CEST 2017

* Marc Haber [Thu Aug 31, 2017 at 03:56:48PM +0200]:

> to reproduce a bug, I would like to build a local grml image as similiar
> as possible to grml64-full.2017.05.iso.

> How do I find out which FAI classes were used to build the image to give
> the exact same list to grml-live's -c option? Is that information inside
> the ISO and/or accessible from the booted grml?

The best we currently have are the build logs, e.g.
https://jenkins.grml.org/job/grml64-full_Release/32/console has the
details for the grml64-full.2017.05 ISO. So it was generated using
the following classes:


This raises an interesting issue, it might be nice to include such
build information inside the ISO itself by default.

What about something like:

% jo build_date="$(TZ=UTC date +%s)" grml_live_classes=DEBORPHAN,GRMLBASE,GRML_FULL,RELEASE,AMD64,IGNORE,SNAPSHOT grml_live_version=0.30.2 build_tool=grml-live debian_release=stretch grml_live_options="-F -V -A" architecture=amd64 grml_version=build2065 debian_release=autobuild-build2065 grml_name=grml64-full_sid build_host="jenkins.grml.org" | jq -S '.'
  "architecture": "amd64",
  "build_date": 1504206859,
  "build_host": "jenkins.grml.org",
  "build_tool": "grml-live",
  "debian_release": "autobuild-build2065",
  "grml_live_options": "-F -V -A",
  "grml_live_version": "0.30.2",
  "grml_name": "grml64-full_sid",
  "grml_version": "build2065"

put into /GRML/buildinfo.json or so on the ISO?

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