[Grml] some problems in using grml-live

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Jan 18 09:44:16 CET 2016

* covici at ccs.covici.com [Sat Jan 16, 2016 at 05:37:21PM -0500]:

> I have seen similar posts and read the documentation.  But as to my
> original questions -- can I build a sid based version on a jessie box?

Basically yes, our daily ISOs (http://daily.grml.org/) are also
generated on a Debian/jessie system. Though sid AKA unstable might
be broken from time to time (that's the nature of it and why it's
called unstable) and you should be familiar with unstable to work
with it. I'd recommend usage of stable or testing if possible.

> Also, can you fix the linux-source-4.1 package and explain to me how to
> install the linux-headers package which will not install?

I've no idea what's your problem with linux-source-4.1 and the
linux-headers package. :) Please cite the exact error message as a
starting point.

PS: Please avoid top-posting + full-quotes

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