[Grml] Help booting using iPXE

Alex Rozenshteyn rpglover64 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 16:37:21 CET 2016

I recently ran into netboot.xyz and, being sad that it didn't support my
favorite live distribution filed a feature request
<https://github.com/antonym/netboot.xyz/issues/70>. I got an old image I
had lying around to boot (specifically, grml64-small_2013.09.iso), but I
couldn't get grml64-small_2014.11.iso to boot.

When I try (testing in VirtualBox), the startup complains "modprobe: module
dm-raid45 not found in modules.dep" and about module "echi-orion" and gets
stuck at an initramfs prompt with the message "Unable to find a medium
containing a live file system".

Booting the same iso directly works correctly. Any advice?
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