[Grml] how to enable boot from hd after timeout?

Gregor Zattler telegraph at gmx.net
Tue Sep 15 15:53:04 CEST 2015

Hi grml users,

I remastered the grml cdrom in order to backup a windows

It should boot Windows form hard disk if the user does not hit
any key within a certain amount of time.  This is necessary in
order to enable remote administration of the windows computer
even if the cd rom is in the cd tray.

There is this statement:

ontimeout chain.32 hd0 0

in isolinux.cfg but instead when the countdown reaches zero one
hears a beep and the count down beginns again (for 100 seconds).

chain.32 is in boot/isolinux as is isolinux.cfg.

Any ideas on how to achive boot from hard drive when no key was

Ciao, Gregor
 -... --- .-. . -.. ..--.. ...-.-

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