[Grml] Devuan, anyone?

Pierre plesimple at contact.asso.fr
Wed May 27 19:09:16 CEST 2015

The rather bold and (AFAIK) unasked for Debian switch to systemd is, to
me as a sysadmin, problematic. Debian used to be THE stable sysadmin
go-to distro, and now I have to choose between multi-user OR LVM; back
to Windows pre-RT it is. In Stable, too. Me is sad panda. Or was I,
until I switched my main systems to the kfreeBSD Debian port, and my
"explore" systems to Devuan (aka "Debian without the systemd madness").
I have been using grml, as a rescue and analysis system, for a while
now. I Keep a copy of the old version with all the cruft and the "cave"
background photo just for fun ;-) so I'm all for tradition but
seriously, isn't now the time to switch grml to a Devuan base, if only
to show that sysadmins aren't quite dead yet?
Hugs and stuff,


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