[Grml] Remove dmraid package from GRML?

Eric Thirolle eric.thirolle at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 17:07:45 CET 2015

I noticed the following error printed to console during bootup of my custom

modprobde: module dm-raid45 not found in modules.dep

I did a bit of research into this module, and found it is called "dmraid"
in the Debian package repositories. This package is available for
wheezy/jessie, but not installed by default. However, "dmraid" *is*
included in GRML's FAI classes:

# grep -R dmraid /etc/grml/fai/*

The dmraid package is responsible for support for so-called "ATARAID",
which is RAID for IDE drives provided by a number of old hardware RAID
cards (details here: https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/dmraid &

Given how old this RAID driver is... should dmraid be removed from the GRML
FAI classes? Or is there something else that needs to be done to correct
the "module dm-raid45 not found in modules.dep" error on the custom Live


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