[Grml] grml daily builds

Darshaka Pathirana dpat at syn-net.org
Wed Aug 27 15:56:00 CEST 2014


On 08/25/2014 08:43 PM, Carlos Carlos wrote:
> I found the page that generates daily builds of unstable and stable
> grml, I notice that iso size can be exactly the same for 3 or 4
> consecutive days so I suppose nothing was changed or added to the
> iso in those days, is this correct?. I might be wrong but I don't
> think there are devs coding new things or modifying old ones every
> single day.

It is true that the iso size can be the same on different builds but
you should check the provided md5 or sha1 file to find out if there
has been any changes. E.g. the iso in [1] and [2] have the same size
but different checksums:

[1] http://daily.grml.org/grml64-full_testing/2014-08-19_04-25-09/
[2] http://daily.grml.org/grml64-full_testing/2014-08-20_04-25-13/

> I suppose that the app which generates the daily isos do it
> automatically and it doesn't matter if something new was added or
> not, modified or not, it simply keeps doing daily isos non stop,
> correct?.
> Thanks in advance for any info.

The build is controlled by the Jenkins "Continous Integration Lab":

[3] http://jenkins.grml.org/

And yes, there seem to be changes nearly every day. And take into
account that grml (testing and sid) are based on Debian testing resp.
sid and daily changes are very, very likely. ;)

I am not a grml-developer so I don't know the details of the
internals of the build process so take my word with a grain of salt
but I am pretty sure that the ISOs only get build when a source
packages has been modified.. (@grml-team: please correct me if I am

 - Darsha

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