[Grml] Need to unmap an alias in /etc/zsh/zshrc without modifying that file

John da_audiophile at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 7 19:52:19 CEST 2013

I'm using the grml-zsh-config package for Arch Linux. It places /etc/zsh/zshrc from grml upstream which contains an offending line:

alias j='jobs -l'

The strategy as I understand it is NOT to modify /etc/zsh/zshrc but rather to modify ~/.zshrc.local which I do have. My question is how can I unmap that alias in my ~/.zshrc.local leaving /etc/zsh/zshrc untouched? Btw, there is a great piece of software called autojump that works when users invoke the 'j' key which is why I want to unmap this.

Thank you.

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