[Grml] RC: disable zshrc's share_history feature by default?

Frank Terbeck ft at grml.org
Mon Mar 25 12:21:40 CET 2013

Michael Prokop wrote:
> Grml's zshrc [http://grml.org/zsh/] uses 'setopt share_history' by
> default since ages.
> This option is responsible for making the history of one Zsh session
> available to others "kind-of-immediately". So when sending 'echo
> foobar' in one terminal, then pressing e.g. <return> in another zsh
> session of the same user then cursor up will show 'echo foobar' on
> the command line.
> While I personally like the feature and somewhat got used to it it's
> also one of the most discussed settings of grml-zshrc. It has the
> potential to do harm, especially if you aren't aware of that
> feature.
> Any objections against that switch? Happy to hear your {N,}ACKs. :)

ACK for exactly the reason you gave: It violates the principle of least

Regards, Frank

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