[Grml] zsh history completion via arrow keys

Frank Terbeck ft at grml.org
Sun Jan 20 12:34:18 CET 2013

John wrote:
> I recently discovered fishshell.com which has a very nice implementation of
> this feature.

Maybe so, but too big to include for my taste. But it looks like that
should work on top of our zshrc just fine. So use it if you like it.

However it only binds to these sequences:

  bindkey '\e[A' history-substring-search-up
  bindkey '\e[B' history-substring-search-down

So that won't help your problem at hand. (Then again, I just told you in
the other mail how to find out about the actual escape sequence our
terminal emits when you hit the up-cursor key; so you can fix that on
you own now).

Regards, Frank

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