[Grml] planning to switch back, a couple of questions

Doug Smith braillefingers at gmx.com
Wed Mar 14 03:07:47 CET 2012

Ok, and hi, there.  This is Doug with a bit of good news. 
One of your blind grmlers is coming home.  I just have to 
know the answers to a couple of questions, and I will give 
you the reason why I decided to take the nestea plunge, so 
to speak.  

First of all, I know how to start speakup on the live cd.  

press q and return to be sure you're out of that quick 
config menu and can work in the console. 

modprobe speakup_soft; espeakup

Then hit return twice.  What I want to know is this: How can 
I have an accessible login that will start speaking when I 
need to log in on a hard disk installation of grml?  Don't 
worry, I have performed a blue billion of these and I know 
just how to avoid accidents.  I know you do not necessarily 
encourage installs.  

The next question I have is this: What happens on a hard 
disk install?  For example, I have everything talking when I 
install.  Will it still be there when I reboot the installed 

If yes, then great.  If not, all my work will not be in 
vain, grml is always better to me than that.  I have always 
been able to get myself out of messes.  My next question is: 
if I need to put speakup_soft start = 1 in the /etc/modules 
file so that it will be loaded on startup, that's no 
problem.  The question is where do I put the startup for 
espeakup so that it comes up talking at the login screen?  
If that's not the solution, will I still have the four beeps 
when grml has finished booting?  

Now, the final question.  Are there any other blind grmlers 
who are using edbrowse?  The reason I wonder about all this 
is because I have found it supports javascript.  I hope it 
will work on radio station sites and other sites with 
streaming media when using mplayer to actually play the 
media.  Is this true?  Will I be able to stream radio 
stations live, use http://www.dishonline.com, access my 
http://www.learningally account, play internet radio on 
http://www.jango.com, watch youtube videos and videos from 
http://www.nascar.com if I use mplayer to actually play the 
streams and fix this in the configuration file? 

I have read, over there on the speakup mailing list about 
people who use latex for their formatted writing projects.  
They say its better than any word processor on the 
commercial market today.  How do you view the formatted 
results of your work with a command line program? What do 
you use?  

Well, that's about all I have to ask for now.  Now, I want 
to tell you why I decided to finally try to come back home.  
In the GUI world, there are many changes going on on.  Right 
now, it's broken this and inaccessible that.  Not only that, 
I am sick and tired and fed up to here with graphical 
interfaces.  I have had to use them for the last couple or 
three years, and that is just so unnatural to me, a person 
who was raised on the command line.  The common response to 
this is: "We have had the command line since day one and we 
have been trying to get away from it since day two." Well, I 
respond this way: You have had the graphical interface since 
day 2 and I have been trying to get away from that since day 
2.5.  It is just so unnatural to go tabbing and arrowing 
around and alt-tabbing and shift-tabbing and 
control-shift-tabbing around to get an app to work.  I just 
like the good old 

program options files and off it goes to do my bidding.  

If I can get answers to these questions, I will be coming 
back soon.  I hope to bring some other blind people with me 
in the future.  

Well, that should do it for now.  I am sure you are tired of 
reading my ramblings.  Please get back to me as soon as 

Sincerely yours: 

Doug Smith

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