[Grml] grml2hd

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Sun Dec 30 06:27:34 CET 2012

* Jason White <jason at jasonjgw.net> [121221 22:45]:
> This question was recently asked on the list. Apparently, GRML is now
> focused on being a rescue/recovery environment, not a general-purpose
> Linux distribution. The recommendation is to install Debian, which you
> can do after booting your GRML distribution, of course, by running
> grml-debootstrap.

I installed GRML to hardrive on a laptop a while back (grml-version
tells me "grml 2011.05 Release Codename Just Mari [2011.05.29]). I've
been doing the regular `aptitude dist-upgrade` with the official
Debian repository ( http://cdn.debian.net/debian/ ), am currently
running the 3.2.0-3-686-pae kernel, etc...so AFAIK it's more or less
an up-to-date Debian Sid. It's been working fine, but given that
installing grml to hardrive is not recommended or supported, I'm
wondering if I should convert my system over to straight-up Debian and
how complicated that might be. An `aptitude purge grml` will remove
the grml package, but I'm not sure that really does much in this regard.

TIA for any clarification,


John Magolske

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