[Grml] Accessibility versus Packages

Konrad Schrempf mail.110 at versibilitas.at
Sat Nov 5 09:43:57 CET 2011


even if I don't need the discussed accessibility-packages,
they seem to me much more important than other packages.

As an example I remind on the discussion about TeX/LaTeX some
time ago. Unless almost all of the packages are provided it
is necessary to install some more. So it is the same to install
all of them later.

For me the main point is to have that kind of running system
to be able to extend it later.

I like GRML very much for all the nice programs in textmode.
Sometimes I use X11, with a lot of xterms running ...

Is it really necessary to provide a graphical VIM? The use
of the *-register should also be possible (as a compile-option)
in standard VIM.
For cease-fire reasons you would have to remove the graphical
Emacs too ;-)

What's about packages like cowsay? I find it funny but I could
live without. GRML could still recommend some of these programs
by providing a list with interesting examples.


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