[Grml] iscsitarget and iscsitarget-module-... in grml 2011.05

Urs Blaser trashbox at arctus.ch
Wed Nov 2 21:24:06 CET 2011

Hello everyone

After still using 2010.12 for a long time, i switched my
troubleshooting usb-stick to 2011.05 and tried to export a local drive
via iscsi.

Sadly this didn't worked out of the box because the kernel module was
missing. I checked the packages and found that
iscsitarget-module-`uname -r` wasn't installed... After installing
this, there was a module version mismatch which required a upgrade of

The module version mismatch is supposedly due to the fact that the
packages evolved since the release. But why didn't the kernel module
made it into the release when it's needed by iscsitarget that's
shipped - and that http://grml.org/kernel/ advertises this module.

What did i miss in the whole process?

And how do i best prepare for the next use of iscsitarget from the

Best regards and thanks for all the good work.

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